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7 Best Under-the-Radar Brooklyn Spots to Party and Hear Music
Asterisk  Art displays, $2 beer, two different performance spaces, and a crazy dog will make your heart burst with joy.
258 Johnson Ave, Bushwick
The Space Formerly Known as AntiMart  Angry, badass, political art shows and films. Midnite movies some Wednesdays.
49 Bogart St, Bushwick
The New Party Club  A revival of the Party Club of the 1970s. Balloons, fabulousness, and punk fuckin’ rawk.
97 Wyckoff Ave, Bushwick
The Empty Vessel Project Gowanus Party on a salvaged WWII boat floating on the Gowanus Canal! A multimedia experience.  400 Carroll St.
71 Troutman Street Bands, bands, beer, bands, bands.
See above! Bushwick
Goodbye Blue Monday
D.I.Y rock shows, poetry slams, coffee and booze,and cheap objets d’art for your home.
1087 Broadway, Bushwick
The Third Ward If you like to spend money, this is an enormous, gloriously outfitted space that plays host to parties thrown by Complacent Nation.
195 Morgan Ave, Bushwick

-Jamie Peck

5 Best East Village Jukeboxes
B-Sides You will never in your life feel less embarrassed about playing a Thin Lizzy song. 204 Ave B
Grassroots Tavern  It’s like the record collection you can’t wait for your dad to die so you can inherit.
20 St. Mark’s Place
Hi-Fi  We’re generally against those electronic jukeboxes with, like 10,000 songs, but this one manages to pull off fashionable snobbery on an impressively massive scale.
169 Ave A
The Library  Aside from taste that dovetails scarily with our own, there’s hand-scrawled liner notes like “Blondie Rules! Blondie Rules! Blondie Rules! Blondie Rules! Blondie Rules! Blondie Rules! Blondie Rules!” (Which, yeah.) Bonus fact: We have never been in this bar and not heard ‘Skulls’ by the Misfits.
7 Ave A
Mona’s  For quite some time now, the four-digit album-track code for ‘Warsaw’, on Joy Division’s Substance, has been 35-01. The first four syllables that Ian Curtis barks out during the song’s nearly unintelligible count-off? “Three five oh one!” Coincidence? We have no idea, actually.
224 Ave B

5 Best Bands Mistakenly Left Out of Our Music Issue
The Ballet  Kudos to Brooklyn Vegan for jumping all over these guys a few months back. Their orchestral pop is driven by brilliant melodies you can’t believe haven’t been used before.
Slowlands  An outstanding pop band with the best kind of identity crisis: one in which each new facet explored is carried out with admirable precision.
Rosewood Thieves Rickety Americana with a mysterious yet decidedly NYC edge. No band since Marah (or maybe the Walkmen) recreated the vibe of the Basement Tapes with more loving attention to detail.
Chris Mills  Mills moved to NYC from Chicago a few years ago, and he’s still churning out powerful singer-songwriter fare, albeit with an eight-piece band behind him now.

Professor Murder
  These dancey, noise-synth freaks have appeared pretty much out of nowhere with their brilliant record, Professor Murder Rides The Subway.

5 Best Songs By Local Bands to Feature On Your Myspace Profile
‘Left at the Party’,  The Affair
What it says about you: “Knowing me is the next best thing to actually having lived here during the early 80s.”

‘New Years’, Asobi Seksu
  What it says about you: “My depression is more adorable than seven kittens.”
‘Up All Night’, The Double  What it says about you: “The thickness of my glasses is roughly proportionate to the amount of liquor I can hold.”
Redhead’, The Fever  What it says about you: “I’d be this skinny even if I didn’t do as much coke as I do.”
‘Lonely’, The Izzys  What it says about you: “I look really good drinking PBR and wearing a Western shirt.”