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08/02/2006 12:00 AM |

New York’s 5 Best “Rooms”

The Dark Room A cool-kid favorite that’s proven itself to have legs, the Dark Room keeps on truckin’ long after you would’ve thought people would’ve moved on.  165 Ludlow St.
The Back Room Oh, secret bar formerly owned by Tim Robbins, how many people have you fooled? How many poor souls read about you on the internet and ended up trying to break into the basement of the place next door?  So many. But your whimsical teacups make up for it, sort of.  102 Norfolk St.
The Cub Room  Even though the Cub Room kind of seems like a bar to take your mom to, it’s a very nice place to go drink a gin and tonic and feel civilized.
131 Sullivan St.
The Living Room Cozy, folky, couchy. Like a rumpus room of the gods, if the gods you worship like folk music. 154 Ludlow St.
The Slipper Room  Lots of bars try to capture that punk rock boudoir feeling, but the Slipper Room is one of the only ones that gets it right. Perhaps it’s due to the burlesque show that accompanies the décor. Then again,  it  could be the Monday quiz night. 167 Orchard St.
-Audrey Ference

5 Best Dancefloors
Bulletproof (Wednesdays at Eastern Bloc) Flannel, spikes and bandanas are the law at the crust-queer punk jam of glam, 80s and 90s. 131 Sullivan St.
MisShapes (Saturdays, at Don Hill’s) It’s a wonder the floor didn’t collapse when this party was upstairs at Luke and Leroy. Saturday’s most popular downtown party features circle pits, floorpunching, fist-pumping, crowd surfing and the twist. 511 Greenwich St.
NC-17 (Thursdays at Lit) This is where you want to go when you need to get naked, wasted and not waste any time doing what most people only get naked to do. 93 2nd St.
The Hot Fuckin’ Pink (Ruff Club Fridays at The Annex) Insane. Like a fashion show if the boys from Iron Maiden were asked to do the background music. 152 Orchard St.
Whip It  (Wednesdays at Stereo) A beautiful mix of business professionals and professional socialites, somehow the scenesters and the 40-hours-a-week crowd reach a balance…   512 W 29th St.

5 Best Newbies (Venues, Parties, DJs)
Fat Baby (Venue) Bands in the basement and electro-inspired dancing upstairs, this roomy LES venue is home to nightlife theatrics and full of Juliet wannabes leaning, and catapulting drinks, over its balcony-like third floor. 112 Rivington St
mr. Black (Venue) Home to celebrity DJs and the celebration of all things not-celibate, mr. Black is a black hole of gay dance hits and hit-ons. 643 Broadway
Nouveau (Party) Mike Nouveau’s new view of rock ‘n’ roll, punk and electro can be seen at this itinerant party in the East Village and the Lower East Side.
Sean FightCats! (DJ) T-shirt artisan and mop-topped DJ, Sean FightCats! plays electro anthems that make seething dancefloors look like a catfight.
S. Valentine (DJ) Often paired with Sean Fightcats!, S. Valentine is a designer-turned-DJ, and almost got his own category here under the headline: “Best chance to get Jager poured down your throat, straight from the bottle, while you are standing on stage.”