Wrestling With Angels: Playwright Tony Kushner

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09/27/2006 12:00 AM |

Linda Emond, who starred in Tony Kushner’s Homebody/Kabul off-Broadway said, and I paraphrase, ‘That to exist in the playwright’s very big brain, and very big heart, every night on-stage is to fall very much in love with him.’ Freida Lee Mock’s documentary manages to capture this feeling for the audience as she follows Kushner in his private and professional life from just after 9/11 to the 2004 election. As a political artist, Kushner has a gift for bringing large issues to an intimate place and relating them through individual characters. As he said regarding a scene in Caroline or Change, “How can a fight between a black maid and a ten-year-old Jewish boy over a 20-dollar bill not be political?” By focusing on the playwright’s creative process and the behind-the-scenes work at productions, Mock examines the writer through his own words, while also including an intimate personal narrative that includes Kushner’s wedding to partner Mark Harris, his weight issues, and his internal struggles with the act of writing itself.
Opens  October 4 at Film Forum