A Hundred Riddles

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11/27/2007 11:15 AM |

It’s Tuesday, hooray! Another day has passed when I didn’t fall down the stairs and paralyze myself. What do you worry about? When I was little my biggest worries were that a green ghost would approach me, or that a killer would put a ladder up to my bedroom window to climb in and kill me. When I explained this to my mom, she told me that ghosts don’t exist and that no one was going to kill me. “But it IS possible for someone to put a ladder up to my window.” She said, “That’s not going to happen, no one wants to kill you,” and I said, “But you admit that it’s possible for someone to put a ladder up to my window,” and she said, “Yes, it’s possible, but it’s never going to happen,” and I said, “You can’t know that.”

On the other hand, one of my greatest fantasies about my biggest crush in elementary school also involved my window. It was that I would come into my room and he would be hanging from my window sill, outside, with just his fingertips, about to die (from falling 10 feet), and I would save him. How he got there was beside the point, obviously.

What am I talking about? Great question. So it’s Tuesday, and one of my favorite things to think about doing (but eventually not do in favor of sitting in a soft chair or just you know cruisin’ the ‘net) on Tuesdays is going to trivia at the Baggot Inn. I’m telling you, trivia is lots and lots of fun. Just check out that futuristic website if you don’t believe me. It starts at 7:30pm, and you might win up to $25. You can buy nearly anything with $25 these days, such as a knife.

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  • “How he got there was beside the point…”

    Well, probably he was climbing up a ladder, and the ladder fell away as he was shifting his weight to grab onto the sill, right?

  • or he could have been using a trampoline to bounce himself up, but then he got spooked about letting go and landing on the trampoline, because just then he remembered that trampolines are very dangerous. trampolines. trampoline.