A “Killer” Event (No I Mean That Literally So If You Have Like Theater Tickets or Dinner Reservations You Probably Wouldn’t Want to Change Them But If You Don’t Have Any Plans Maybe This’d Be Fun or at Least Some Guy You Don’t Know from the Internet Thin

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11/20/2007 11:00 AM |

Aside from being a major figure in American independent film in general and the New Queer Cinema of the 90s in particular, Christine Vachon has written a couple of entertaining books about the process of making movies, and the eternal negotiation between art and commerce. Shooting to Kill (the name comes from her production company, Killer Films, which debuted the early 90s with Todd Haynes’s Poison) came out in 1998, and included sections detailing the production of the greatest movie ever made, Haynes’s Velvet Goldmine. A Killer Life is new in paperback, just in time for the release of Haynes’s I’m Not There, and Vachon is showing up at The Strand tonight to talk about it, and probably the new movie. Which is really good and which you should see when it comes out tomorrow, but we’ll talk about that later.