A Post About a Movie. I Saw a Movie Once. It Was Called “Who On Earth Is Tom Baker?”

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11/27/2007 10:00 AM |

Tonight, BAM is screening Forbidden, directed by Frank Capra and starring Barbara Stanwyck. In it, “Stanwyck portrays a repressed librarian* involved in a relationship with a married man. Capra worked on the script, and the picture is full of fascinating autobiographical overtones referring… to his affair with Stanwyck…” All of which sounds intense in anguished in the great Hollywood melodramatic tradition, with a nice bit of vintage gossip thrown in, but still begs the question: who the hell has a torrid extramarital affair with Frank Capra?

Also, because it happens that I really like the dining options available around BAM, I’m going to start including dinner and drinking recommendations with posts recommending their events. (Edith isn’t the only person on this blog who eats, you know.) Tonight’s recommendation: Cafe Lafayette, on South Portland Street just off Fulton, for low-ceilinged casual-French atmosphere and creative, reasonably priced and moderately sized staple fair. BYOB.

* Also, there really ought to be more movies about the voracious passions simmering behind the starched blouses, square-rimmed glasses, and sensible shoes of your local librarian.^

^ Sorry, I realized as I was looking over this that it comes off a bit more fetishistic than intended.

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  • good idea about the dinner and a movie. make like “a perfect date”. I think some mag runs with that idea already. But it would be kinda fun. You can have celebrities contribute etc.

    BTW- Librarians, yeah they are hot. Hot/kinky movie star- Gloria Grahame, she married her own stepson!