BAM Spills a Bit of Its 40 Onto Lafayette Avenue in Honor of Ingmar Bergman

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11/19/2007 1:15 PM |

Hey, spend the first part of your Thanksgiving week memorializing a bleak Swedish atheist who died this summer! Yay! Starting in the late 80s, Ingmar Bergman directed several productions for The Royal Dramatic Theatre of Sweden, productions that made their New York bows at BAM when they crossed the Atlantic. So they feel, not unfairly, that they have a certain claim on and obligation to the guy’s legacy. Apparently, people in a position to judge such things agree with them: tonight, at 7pm at the Harvey Theater (tickets are first-come, first-served, and distributed beginning at 6pm), several of Bergman’s stage and screen collaborators — including Bibi Andersson, Pernilla August, Lena Olin and Peter Stormare — will read excerpts from Bergman’s diaries.

And since Bergman, you know, made movies, BAMcinématek is also showing a few of those, tomorrow evening and on Wednesday. Tomorrow, the stunning Bibi Andersson introduces Persona, starring a much younger version of herself, and Jonathan Lethem introduces Shame (it’s the last night of the screening series he curated). And on Wednesday, Pernilla August introduces Fanny and Alexander, Bergman’s magical, theatrical, nostalgic valedictory.

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  • I’m an atheist, and not a Nazi sympathizer, and not a great director. So I’m like 33% into Bergman— but a strong, strong 33%