Dinner and Two Movies Though Maybe Not in That Order (Unless You Have Brunch Instead of Dinner Maybe? Not To Micromanage Your Life Or Anything…)

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11/24/2007 10:00 AM |

If you go to the Museum of the Moving Image, in Astoria, there’s this place across the street called the Cup Diner that has the tile floors and leather-topped counter stools and boths and retro wall-hangings of a diner, but is also enormous and has enormous portions of everything (most of the food is quite good, ambitious at times) and has a pretty functional bar (with not inconsiderable Happy Hour specials). So really if you’re going to the Museum of the Moving Image today you should stop by before for breakfast or after for foodanddrink.

I mention this because: you are going to the Museum of the Moving Image today, right? For today’s entries in their ongoing Technicolor series? Both of which star Judy Garland (like, wholsome teenage Judy Garland, not pill-popping gay icon Judy Garland) and are, if anything, even more steeped in Americana than your Thanksgiving was? Specifically, Meet Me in St. Louis and The Wizard of Oz, both of which are made with flair and nostalgia and joie de cinema and thus actually pretty un-hateable, even if you hate America. Which is cool, obvs.

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  • Hey guys, yeah I know this place well, I know a lot of those places around there, that’s kind of my neighborhood. If I remember right they have a beer special all drafts(incl imports) are onlt $3 until 8pm. I’m probably gonna go there tomorrow.

    Also btw- I have to mention this because I like this place a lot- if you are taking the N train there when you exit the station on 36th Ave and want to grab a coffe check out Oven Bake Treats, coffee and pastry special is only $2, canolies only 2$ too, the girls who work there are really nice as well and they have NPR on the radio. The pastries(Bear Claw is my fav, but everything is good), check it out and tell me how you like it.


    btw- this is not a plug, I’m a regular…