Drinks, Wonderful New Friends

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11/27/2007 12:43 PM |

For free drinks, free food, and un-free art, there’s a reception tonight for the big Phillips de Pury auction happening Saturday. It gives you a terrific opportunity to evaluate the art and decide on which pieces you’re going to bid. It’s very tricky for me at these events. Do I want this one or do I want that one? There are, after all, only so many funny statues I can put in my bathroom! No, that’s a joke, I have quite a few bathrooms.

Phillips de Pury is in Chelsea on 15th Street, and the party starts at 6 and goes until 9pm. There will be plenty of Takashi Murakamis and Damien Hirsts and Le Corbusiers to satisfy all on your gift list. For instance, these Damien Hirst dots will run you about $7,000. Or, as I like to call it, a hay-penny.