Edwidge Danticat

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11/29/2007 11:15 AM |

Edwige Danticat, the Haitian-born, (partially) Brooklyn-raised National Book Award nominee, reads tonight from her newest work, the memoir Brother, I’m Dying, at the the Barnes & Noble in Union Square at 7pm. She’s terrific. It’s free. I haven’t yet read this, but Krik? Krak! and Breath, Eyes, Memory (an Oprah Book Club pick!) were nimble and affecting and excellent, and I can’t imagine this is a stumble. It’s about her early childhood in Haiti, when her parents emigrated to New York and she and her siblings were left behind with her uncle Joseph, who then developed cancer. That’s a really feeble summary. But she’s a phenomenal writer, and this is a real treat. It’s nice how readings from famous writers are almost always free, but I guess that’s because most people wouldn’t pay for them because books are heavy.

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  • Hi people, so I went to the Poprally and the special gift was a limited edition three button pin set (with date of the event etc.) from Gert and Uwe Tobias. The dj was great, when he played PIL’s “The Order of Death”, my whole life flashed before my eyes. Lewis and Clarke played a great set for about an hour(till 11PM) only slightly marred by the fact that it was very loud people talking and munching on pretzels and not paying attention except for us who were in front, we were sitting there holding hands and feeling bliss like hippies. I got to talk to the singer and got the set list after the show, he says “please buy our cd’s”. Btw the beer and wine was awesome as well (truly all you could drink) and they had heated wine with fruit called mulled wine, which I see on wiki is a Romanian specialty.

    And we never got to see the tree, there were a million people there, it was crazy. G.

  • Sounds great, thanks for the update. I do love pins. And now I know.

  • emigrate from, immigrate to…