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11/26/2007 3:00 PM |

That stack of windowless, gray, yet curiously vivid blocks on the Bowery at Prince Street (pictured, obvs) is the new home of the New Museum, which was founded in the late 70s by Marcia Tucker, shortly after the Whitney fired her for curating shows that were too esoteric slash controversial slash I guess New. (A couple of winters ago, you probably went to its sprawling, dazzlingly seedy East Village USA show.) Yes, it’s another big new downtown building that’s not really in keeping with the architecture around it, but the institutional modernism of the new building seems weirdly appropriate amid the restaurant supply wasteland that is the Bowery just north of Chinatown. (And before you go on chuckling to yourself at how the blogger thinks he’s an architecture critic, keep in mind that I’m actually Frank Gehry. Also this dude agrees.)

The new New Museum opens, officially, this weekend. It’s going to be open for 30 straight hours, from noon on Saturday until 6pm on Sunday. And it’s going to be free. Sadly, however, you can’t just go out on the Lower East Side on Saturday night and then show up after last call — you sorta have to get a ticket. Do that here, please.

Oh, and after the jump is a picture of Edith making a painting.

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  • Hey guys, thanks for being such a great source for culture and fun stuff. Just wanted you to know we really appreciate it because you make us laugh AND think.