Happy Thanksgiving to All From Your Very Good Friend Gary Stedman

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11/21/2007 2:30 PM |

It’s Thanksgiving in our office, which our publisher has hilariously dubbed Kegsgiving due to the massive keg of beer he purchased for the office and set lightly on the tabletop. You can see it in this candid photograph. Believe me when I say that all 95 of us at The L Magazine are all very drunk and that playful music is playing quietly on a speaker, although at the time of this writing I have already been put back into my corner. Why, don’t you wish you could be here with us today?

Follow the jump link to find out just what I’ve been up to these past seven minutes.

Ha ha! I swear I’ve never done this before! Ha ha! Where does the thing go? Down my throat? It tickles, and I think I taste my own delicious liver!

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