Happy Thanksgiving

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11/22/2007 10:00 AM |

Why are you reading this? Shouldn’t you be with your family or watching football or something?

No? You hate your family and you’re so cool that when you’re looking to emptily pass the time while awaiting death you read thelmagazine.com rather than lower yourself to watch sports? Ok, then.

Hey, if you’re in the city today because you didn’t go home, or your family is close by and you just did a day trip, and you’re looking for me to tell you something to do because this is after all an NYC listings and events blog, then, ok: the IFC Center is doing midnight screenings of Blue Velvet this weekend. Which, aside from being awesome, obvs, is one of the best movies I know of about returning to your bucolic Middle American hometown and discovering that the reality of the place is much different than your memories of it. You can’t go home again.

Anyway, Happy Thanksgiving. I am thankful for the ex-L employees who quit their jobs and moved away from New York, thus ensuring me gainful full-time employment, and saving me from having to look for a job since I’m not really qualified for anything.

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  • Never let a day pass without checking your blog. However Im not sure you should be posting today, you have to work? Anyway, Happy Thanksgiving even though we don’t know you, it’s like we know you, through this blog. It’s weird.

  • Trust me, it’s even weirder if you do know him.