Hey, Great Cheese

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11/16/2007 1:00 PM |

Playing tonight at the Gramercy Theater is VHS or Beta, who, if their band name were to incorporate the name of a type of cheese, would, as previously discussed, probably be called VHS or Feta. This alone is probably reason enough to see the band, but it happens that they’re awfully good as well. A band once lumped into the whole “dance-punk” genre (which was a fake and made-up genre, but useful for purposes of classification and good shorthand for lazy writers such as myself), they’ve moved into a more arena-y place, augmenting their sense of rhythm with epic, adorably cheesy synths. Their most recent album, Bring on the Comets, is twelve songs long; pretty much all twelve of them are better covers of Talk Talk’s “It’s My Life” than that No Doubt version that came out a few years ago.

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