Holiday Gift Guide! Out Now!

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11/21/2007 12:30 PM |

The latest issue of The L Magazine is in a little orange box somewhere near you. It’s our Holiday Gift Guide, in which we recommend various incredible gifts for the 12 people in your life at three levels of thrift. Curious who we think should get a pony? And who some bacon? Check it out digitally, or pick it up physically.

Other highlights include:

  • Where to hide when you’re shopping and need a drink, a used book, a drink, a sausage, or a drink.
  • When a pet gets too close to your sex life.
  • What to do with that burdensome leftover lobster you’re always going on and on about.
  • Why it’s hard to eat Cuban goat cheese without bread.
  • Who is buying $20,000 alligator-skin purses because sometimes it’s the only thing that will make us feel like a woman.

Plus also:

And yes, you guys, that is us on the cover. I always knew I would be on the cover of a fashion magazine one day.

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  • If Mike really wants that book, you guys can pick one up brand new for half price at that cool bookstore, you know which one (where they had the reading). Some are even signed!

  • I have to say that restaurant review is hilarious. I almost died laughing/spewed my lunch all over the computer screen.