Is That Chocolate in Your Pocket or Did You Shit Your Pants

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11/16/2007 11:00 AM |

I’ll be damned if this week hasn’t flown by, like a witch. Let’s start Friday by thinking about food: Sweet, the giant dessert festival, is happening tonight. There’ll be mountains of desserts, like cakes, plus chocolates and pastries and cheeses. Also there will be a fountain of champagne and a full bar and “fine cordials.” There will also be famous people like Giada de Laurentiis, Rachael Ray, Lorraine Bracco, and dozens of famous chefs. It’s going on from 9pm to 1am tonight, but the sad part is that you can’t go because it’s sold out. But what’s terrific is that you are allowed to bid at a silent auction for stuff like a Willy Wonka Gumball Mural. It’s just like you’re at the event.

Speaking of desserts, my grossest dessert story is when I was in high school working as a caterer. When we’d bring in the dessert plates, if people hadn’t finished their cheesecakes I would eat them from the back. I’d probably do that again if the opportunity arose.