It Makes Perfect Sense to Her

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11/14/2007 5:00 PM |

Ever since she stopped doing Shelter, the beloved stream-of-consciousness apartment stories column for the Village Voice, I’ve been trying to keep tabs on Toni Schlesinger, walking word-association test, occasional Charlie Rose to the puppet stars, and animal medium. In this, I am, I’m sure, no different from all of you. So, you will be pleased to note that she and New Yorker illustrator Tom Bachtell have recently begun a “weekly graphic serial adventure story” for It’s called Kansas O’Flaherty…Secret Agent, and concerns:

[T]he global exploits of secret agent Kansas O’Flaherty and her bomb-sniffing dog Alerto… her torrid affair with Shlomo, a Mossad agent; Beni, a former Cirque de Soleil acrobat who performs legal break-ins; Aunt Bea, who in her youth had an affair with British double agent Kim Philby; and the rest of the gang.

Semi-randomly selected and reasonably representative sample quote:

“Alerto, my dog, you are so moody. Sometimes I rue the day that I took you in after you blew it as a bomb sniffer…”

As always, it’s like watching someone unscrew her own head, shake out the contents, and then screw her head back on and ask you what you’re gawking at.

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  • You may want to check the letters column for “Kansas O’Flaherty” on Salon. The strip has been almost unanimously panned, and reading the letters after each week’s installment is much more satisfying than the strip itself.