It’s So Beautiful, Clarence

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11/28/2007 1:15 PM |

It’s the most magical day of the week, the day when the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree gets lit up with hundreds of energy-conserving lights. I will actually be there, but not outside holding hands with my family, speaking in a foreign language because I am visiting for the week from Asia, but because my friend works in Roc Center and I’m going to eat and drink free food in her office, and I’m told we’ll get a performance from Celine Dion. I’m reading things that say other performers will be Josh Groban, Barry Manilow, Taylor Swift, Ashley Tisdale and Carrie Underwood. Don’t worry, I will take a hundred cell phone pictures if my heart doesn’t explode with crushes.

If you want to see the lighting happen, it’s from 7 to 9pm this evening, it will probably be crazytown.

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