It’s the Time of the Season for…

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11/29/2007 10:00 AM |

Zombieville is a local collective of rock show type people who describe their project thusly:

“Smaller shows in NY are typically booked as showcases with the club’s ideal scenario being each band bring their own crowd who empties out for the next band after their friends play so they sell more drinks. On top of this, there is polling at the door to distinguish who’s there to see what band, which pits bands against each other for a piece of the show profit, and isolates fans… We are attempting to get you to come out for a show for the whole nightly experience, and banish the idea of opening and headlining bands.”

Also, they serve free cookies. And every band that plays one of their showcases has to cover “Zombie,” by the Cranberries.* The latest Zombieville is tonight, at Southpaw (it’s $8 cheap!), and features The Isles, Action Painters, Two Man Gentleman Band, and One Ring Zero, the house band of the Brooklyn Literary Poker Game. It starts at 8, the first band is at 9, and if you’ve just listened to the bands on theirspaces, and you like one in particular and want to know what time they go on so that you can just see them… well, that’s not really the point, as you’d know if you read this post.

* Not true.