It’s Very Street-funky, Like the Raps Songs and the Sagging, Bagging Jeans

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11/16/2007 3:00 PM |

I remember driving into New York when I was moving here in the summer of 1962 and I was sitting on the BQE in my covered wagon when I noticed this weird monster on top of a building that looked half like a stupid kid’s drawing and half like high art. And then next to it was “NECKFACE,” which is smart and creepy.

Cut to 2007, and now Neckface has a gallery show that opened on Halloween. It’s called Closed Casket, and it features spooky art, like metal masks inspired by Aztec death masks and many other scary things. It’s about death. Bringing a date to this event would be a good idea because it’s both cool and exciting as well as not boring. It’s at Dactyl Foundation, which is at 64 Grand St between West Broadway and Wooster. It runs through November 24, so strike it while the iron is still on strike. Here are more pics of the exhibition, I recommend them. I might even go to this myself one day, who knows. You only live once.