Learn From Artists, Pick Up Some iPhones and Things

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11/28/2007 12:15 PM |

We also have fluttering songbird Lou Reed and filmmaker artiste Julian Schnabel at the beloved Soho Apple Store this evening, talking about Schnabel’s recent film The Diving Bell and the Butterfly (Mark thought it was only okay, but Schnabel won Best Director for it at Cannes) about the paralyzed editor of French Elle who wrote a book by blinking his eye. The film opens on Friday. You won’t see the whole movie, but you will see its clips. And then Lou Reed will be there because Schnabel filmed him for an upcoming doc called Lou Reed’s Berlin. You guys, it’s about Lou Reed in Berlin. Anyway, these Apple events tend to be popular and sometimes filled with weirdos trying to press flowers into the celebrities’ hands, so get there early and be on guard. It’s free and it starts at 7pm.

Check out this picture, they look like a lot of fun.

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  • Oh yeah, that reminds of that that weirdo who wanted to meet Natalie Portman at that other event few months back. That was so much fun!