Lots of People Speaking Slowly and Enunciating Clearly Tonight, If That’s What You’re Into

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11/15/2007 12:00 PM |

If you can manage to shut up and listen to somebody else for a change, there are a whole lot of different people worth shutting up and listening to tonight. Like:

  • Philip Gourevitch, superstar editor/journalist/media darling, and head of the Paris Review, will be at Barnes and Noble Union Square, talking to two-time Booker Prize winner and all-around towering Australian author Peter Carey. It’s in conjunction with the release of the second collection of author interviews from the archive of the Review: Carey’s interview is in it, along with William Faulkner’s, Graham Greene’s, Alice Munro’s, and so on. If Carey hadn’t been able to come, Gourevitch would have read the Carey interview himself, the questions in his normal voice and the answers in his really quite convincing Australian accent.
  • Judith Thurman is smart lady writes essays about culture and people and smart stuff for New Yorker has book called Cleopatra’s Nose with essays reads at 192 Books for audience of other smart people.