Pier Paolo Pasolini, Your BFF

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11/28/2007 12:00 PM |

The filmmaker Italian Pier Paolo Pasolini was an anguished lapsed Catholic, a Communist, a homosexual, a poet, a philosopher, a theorist, and a cultural and political commentator/agitator who was murdered at the age of 53, either by the 17-year-old hustler who confessed to the crime, or by reactionary enemies in high places (as many pretty legit conspiracy theorists seem to think). Just like you! If I was hosting a dinner party to which you and he were both coming, I would probably seat the two of you next to each other so you could talk.

But, since I’m not, and can’t, you will have to make do with this whole month o’ Pasolini, which starts today. Most prominently, there’s a film series at the Walter Reade, beginning today with his Mamma Roma (starring a fierce Anna Magnani as a prostitute), Accattone (his debut, about a Christlike lowlife), and The Hawks and the Sparrows (a farce of proselytization), and continuing through next week with screenings of all his films. There’ll also be lectures, documentary screenings, and exhibitions of Pasolini’s art scattered through the city between now and mid-December; extra extra read all about it here.