Sleeping Plants

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11/20/2007 12:30 PM |

I have wonderful news: the Brooklyn Botanical Garden, now that it is cold and worse to spend time there, is free all Tuesday through Friday, and on Saturday from 10am to noon. It’s a beautiful park, I recommend it. One thing I do not recommend is going there early in the morning but not drinking any water, so that when you leave the park and get on the subway to go to work, you’re dehydrated so you faint on the train, and when you wake up you’re on the ground and strangers are holding you. Actually in a way I do recommend that because everyone was so nice. I remember when I was still normal and standing up there was this girl near me just scowling and looking cool, but when I woke up from my fainting she was fanning
me and telling me secrets about how not to faint on a train. At one point someone called out “does someone have an unopened bottle of water?” and within 10 seconds a cold one came up and over the crowd. It was like the Wizard of Oz when everyone is around Dorothy at the end, it was kind of wonderful, despite the fact that I thought I was going to die.

Hello and welcome to my eighth grade diary/email to my mother. Anyway so the Brooklyn Botanical Garden is free now, go check it out.

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