Tally-ho, Tally ho.

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11/29/2007 11:00 AM |

New Zealand’s The Clean is the kind of band bands cite as an “Influence” on their myspace page so that they’ll sound cool. And they do, because The Clean is cool. Active predominantly in the early 80s and sporadically since, the band’s output consists mostly of lo-fi, high-energy slices of Casio-augmented garage-pop, two-minute tidbits equal parts giddy singalong hooks and tape fuzz — listening to them is kind of like watching a scrambled porn starring Wire and the Banana Splits.*

And they’re touring. So if you want to see a bunch of scruffy, well-coiffed people who own lots of new wave of vinyl jump up and down and sing “He’s a rebel, and he’s a guru, and he’s a beatnik! (Beatnik!)”, then you should go to Cake Shop tonight, or tomorrow night, or Saturday night… and beg beg beg one of the people who has tickets to sneak you in their backpack, because the show is sold the fuck out and the front page of the Cake Shop website right now is a big banner explaining that unless they’ve already emailed you to tell you personally that you’re good to see the Clean, you’re not seeing the Clean.

So, people who already knew about this band but didn’t know they were playing here, sorry. People who got real excited by my description but then disappointed to find out it was all a tease, well, you should really go buy some Clean records and see what all the fuss is about.

* Wow, those two band names sound pornier than I realized. Ew. Sorry.

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