The neck of the bottle is more narrow than the ship!

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11/27/2007 1:15 PM |

Maritime is the new (or, like, a few years old, so “current”) project of Davey von Bohlen, who, as the frontman for the Promise Ring, helped a lot of people get through adolescence and shit. It’s him, old Promise Ring drummer Dan Didier, and Eric Axelson, ex-Dismemberment Plan bassist/secret weapon, and, as you might expect given the band’s pedigree, the songs are equal parts emotional build-ups, dramatic, quirky hooks, and bass lines that sound, actually, kinda like liquid blow. They’re playing at Mercury Lounge tonight, in front of an audience likely to be comprised of older, wiser, cooler ex-emo kids.

Because the band is called “Maritime,” which refers to oceany stuff, I have cleverly adorned this post with a picture of a shipinabottle. Haven’t you always wondered how they got in there?

I haven’t always wondered, because I already know: they build the ship first, and then build the bottle around it! Ok, not really. After the jump, the real story:

… The real way is that the ships are really small when they first go into the bottle, but, with proper feeding and watering, grow to a healty size.

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  • hey guys, off topic but are the archives ever coming back? There were so many great posts there, where we could reminisce about all the stuff we didn’t go to. Also so many laughs, like when some dude got pissed after Edith asked him what kind of a tool he was? That was a classic.

  • Thank you. We’ve had some fun times here, haven’t we, just typin’! But for now it looks like the archives aren’t coming back. Sometimes you just have to tidy up your house, throw away the trash, and then set it all on fire, including your house. But seriously, the archives are still floating around the internet somewhere, like loose balloons, and we’re working on bringing them back. And by “working on it” I mean I am doing nothing but maybe someone else is, somewhere.