Tinker, Tailer, Toilet, Kitten

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11/14/2007 6:00 PM |

There’s also a really fun thing at the Parkside Lounge tonight: What’s My Line? Live, which has nothing to do with the Drew Carey show or cocaine or waiting for things.

A panel of New York people like bloggers and burlesque ladies and playwrights sit up on the stage and try to guess the profession of a random person from the audience by asking yes and no questions. Each time the person says no, he gets $5 (in prizes from sponsors). That could be you. Isn’t it cool that you can pay rent in pens, t-shirts, and individual boxes of Silk?

This should be fun with lots of laughs. It starts at 8pm and it’s free, as far as I can tell. Hey you guys, look! CATS!