Would du look at this, lol at my clever pun I hate myself

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11/20/2007 10:00 AM |

Today’s the last day to see Jean-Jacques Beineix’s Diva at Film Forum, with “see” being the operative word. “Beineix thinks with his eyes,” Pauline Kael wrote in her New Yorker rave 25 years ago, and, yeah, the proto-MTV (but with much more inclusive taste) Diva is a neon bible for a decade obsessed with the iconographic power of pop imagery. It’s described as representing the vanguard a French movement called “cinéma du look.”

… which also encompassed such up-and-coming directors as Luc Besson. Whose infrequently screened post-punk underworld (literally and figuratively) odyssey Subway is screening tonight at the French Institute Alliance Française. (So, for that matter, is Breathless, a pop revelation in its own way, as you might have heard.) Yes, that picture is from Subway. Yes, the guy is Christopher Lambert (yes, Highlander), with bleached hair and a dinner jacket like he’s an extra in a Duran Duran video or something.