A World Always on the Brink of Bursting into Song

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12/11/2007 10:00 AM |

So CinémaTuesdays, the weekly screening series at the French Institute Alliance Française, is currently spotlighting musicals, because it’s December, the month of the year where people spontaneously break out into song all the time. And tonight, they’re screening The Young Girls of Rochefort, which is the second musical made by the director Jacques Demy and the composer Michel Legrand, their first musical of course being your favorite movie, The Umbrellas of Cherbourg. The Young Girls of Rochefort stars Umbrellas star Catherine Deneuve (at her dewiest, but when in the 60s wasn’t she?) and her older sister Françoise Dorleac (who died in a car accident shortly after the film’s release), and features a guest appearance by Gene Kelly. (The classical Hollywood musical is something like a state of pure being for Demy, so Kelly’s appearance is something like a visit from God.)

Jacques Demy’s musicals are the color of Jordan Almonds, and in love with song, cinema, the world in general. Here is a clip:If the picture quality seems a bit shitty, that’s probably because it’s a low-quality digital clip posted on YouTube. You know what would make the picture quality less shitty? If you went to see the movie in an actual movie theater.