Actual Quotes from Band Websites Is Feeling a Little Depressed at the Moment

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12/03/2007 3:45 PM |

Not much going on in the way of music tonight, which I would imagine would be reassuring to hear for those of you who, like me, hate music. So I guess it must be time for an installment of everybody’s favorite increasingly sporadic feature, Actual Quotes from Band Websites. Tonight’s Actual Quote comes from the Website of local Band Group Sounds, who play tonight at Mercury Lounge:

“Group Sounds, the epic, thunderous, often naked, power punk band died yesterday after tragically falling off of a mechanical bull at the Puss N Boots in Bogeta [sic], Colombia. Autopsy results proved to be inconclusive although bystanders did notice a general malaise, rowdiness, and the ingestion of copious amounts of a brownish liquid known as Tequizito, which is a combination of Tequila and the urine of poisonous frog known to have hallucinogenic properties. Some say it was Tequizito that was responsible for paisley, bell bottoms, and The White Album.”

And so on and so on for like three more paragraphs. Sometimes I wonder whether it wouldn’t be simpler to just change the name of the Lower East Side to Lambda Epsilon Sigma, and replace the Community Board with a Pledgemaster, but then I think about how expensive it’d be to change all the cabbie maps so I guess it’ll have to stay the way it is.

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