Cheap Oysters: Always Wonderful, Unless There Is Something Wrong With Them

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12/12/2007 3:00 PM |

It’s late fall, which means that now, like all other times of the year, I’m thinking occasionally about delicious oysters. I’ve been reading a lot about food this past week in Secret Ingredients, that New Yorker collection of food-related essays, and there’s a great one in there by Bill Buford about oyster growing, harvesting, selling, and eating. I’m planning to eat a lot of them, very soon, which reminds me of a nice deal you might appreciate if you like oysters. Fish, in the West Village, has a Red, White, and Blue Special that includes six blue point oysters on the half shell plus a glass of house red, house white, or a PBR for only $8! That’s great, especially if you don’t mind drinking mediocre wine. I don’t. I think one time I got three specials in a row. They also give you free bread, so you don’t get drunk, briny, and nauseated right away.

This sounds like a creepy advertisement, I think, but it’s a great deal, and oysters are wonderful.