Coffee, Chocolate, and Men Are All Better Young and Attractive

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12/12/2007 2:00 PM |

If all those readings make your ears feel fat, why not try something for simpletons–chocolate. There’s a big chocolate tasting at Madame X, in the West Village, in which you can eat lots and lots of chocolates and learn about chocolate from Clay Gordon, chocolexpert and author of Discover Chocolate. There will be so many chocolates from around the world, and “plenty of $6 wine specials.” Frankly, that is not so special to me, please write back when it is $3.

Also, a description of it on says this:

Suffer through traffic, asshole co-workers, dangerous proximity to
various exes and much other unpleasantnesses to realize that you
can only see this sort of stuff go down in New York. … [blah blah blah you want chocolate in your face]

… that for whatever reason I thought said “suffer through asshole-to-asshole co-workers,” and I was like WTF is this problem people are having? Oh, and this whole thing costs $35. Are you going? Why not?