Cupscake Pahty

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12/06/2007 4:00 PM |

There’s a cupcake party tonight to celebrate the third anniversary of Cupcakes Take the Cake, a blog dedicated to cupcakes. Anything you want to know about cupcakes is on that website. What are the twenty-five most frequently asked questions about cupcakes?

1. Whose cupcakes are these?
2. Is it her birthday?
3. Oh, Diane, I didn’t see you. It’s your birthday?
4. Oh my god, happy birthday!
5. Did you make these?
6. Oh, neat. Where are they from?
7. Yeah.
8. Frank, do you want a cupcake?
9. It’s Diane’s birthday.
10. I don’t know, probably.
11. Diane, do they have eggs in them?
12. Yeah, Frank, she says they do.

The party starts at 6pm, it’s at Beauty Bar, on 14th St near Union Square, and everyone who loves cupcakes is encouraged to attend. There will be lots of cupcakes (I don’t know if they’re free), and whoever dresses in the best cupcake-inspired outfit gets a prize.

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