Dear My Diary

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September 1990
I saw too ospray’s and herd one. I Saw one Blue Haran!! and one Loon. Today a Chipmunck ate out of my Hand. Johney and I went mussel picking. My mom hit a cuple tenes-Ball’s that wer ok.

September, 1990
Today a chicmunk ate out of my Hand. Jada might come over today I hope she can. Tmrow will be sad Beacouse I leave Manie. (and Bear’s and Stuff and the trip will be BORING!!!!)
Jada did not come over.

I wish I didint Have to Leave maine. it seems Like Just yesterday we arived! the trip is BORING. But i Got a Happy Meal at Mc Donlds (I think that will be the only fun thing) I Went by one cemetary. and alot of wight House’s.

March 1 1991
today was a boring day. i just wrote to jada. yesterday My class wached the B.F.G. movie.

Jan. 21, 1992
Today in Mrs. Wites room we got our workbooks. It was just a regular day other wise. I liked the fruit leather that Mom gave me for lunch. Alexa and some other people were asking me if I could give them some. I wish Nikias hadent gone away to another school. Marni kept bothering me in ‘hockey.’ (Marni always bothers me).

And those are my first four diary entries. I was about 13 in 1990. To hear more diary entries from other adults–plus florid poems, weepy hyperbolic love letters, catty, vapid passed notes, and epic, retarded song lyrics, go to The Tank tonight for the legendary MORTIFIED NYC! It’s a night where grown-ups share the most embarrassing products of their adolescence. It’s been featured on This American Life and praised by many media (The Today Show, All Things Considered, Esquire, Marie Claire, The Onion, etc.).

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