Family Therapy

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12/17/2007 10:00 AM |

Last year, Film Forum gave over their Christmas-break calendar to noted Jesus freak Woody Allen; Essentially Woody was astonishingly appropriate comfort food for those of us who, let’s just say oh hypothetically, ended up the only one of our friends in the city on December 24. (You should really try being alone in the city for Christmas at least once: it’s practically the only chance you’ll get all year to feel legitimately sad — who has the space or the time in their life otherwise?)

And this year, through Christmas Eve, Film Forum‘s bringing back Hannah and Her Sisters; it’s a perfect opportunity to pretend that you live in a city that’s less garishly colored and more culturally and conversationally literate than this one. (Especially now that Woody’s new Cassandra’s Dream isn’t coming out until the dead season of mid-January.) You’ll walk out of the movie feeling warmer, quieter, and more eloquent, which is something we could all use at the moment.