Get Your City Reliquary Benefit RSVPs Here (By Reading This Post, in Which the RSVP Information Is Contained)

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12/07/2007 1:00 PM |

The City Reliquary is a museum in Williamsburg dedicated to preserving New York history by, basically, preserving New York stuff. From their Mission Statement:

“Our museum collection displays thoughtfully arranged artifacts of New York City’s rich history, which entice viewers to learn more about the five boroughs. Some of the highlights of the collection include architectural remnants of city buildings, Statue of Liberty memorabilia, a geological display of New York’s underground composition, and a 1939 World’s Fair exhibit. The City Reliquary also celebrates local character by displaying the unique findings of New York-based collectors. Our ‘Community Collections’ storefront window has proudly displayed collections such as, Fionula Ross’s Vintage Thermoses, Christy Gast’s Commemorative Presidential Plates, and the Zucker Family’s Antique Pens.”

So, yeah, they’re a dusty attic for a place where no one has an attic. Which is cool, obviously, for those of us who put much stock in the idea of the lives of objects, and who can’t buy an ugly Hawaiian shirt and Salvation Army without thinking about the guy who owned it first, and his life in it.

And the Reliquary is holding a benefit this Monday night, at the auditorium of the Automotive High School off of McCarren Park (and right near The Gutter). There’ll be speeches by author and “sideways learner” Lawrence Weschler and Inconspicuous Consumer Paul Lukas, a screening of a doc-in-progress about Brooklyn pigeon-keepers, and music from Los Bomberos de Brooklyn. It’s $30 at the door, in case you want to just show up on Monday night. But if you RSVP today or tomorrow, by calling 718-782-4842 or emailing tomorrow, the evening also includes a Benefit Dinner, here. It’s $125, all proceeds belong to the ages.