Harder, Better, Faster, Spy

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12/07/2007 12:30 PM |

The official party for Daft Punk‘s newest album, Alive, is tonight at Studio B, and it should be lots of loud fun. Plus Faux Punk, the only Daft Punk cover “band,” will be playing their music all night for you to dance to. Lots of good people agree that it’s a great album. Have I heard the album all the way through? Is it bigger than a breadbox? Is it a breadbox? But I do love dancing. Yesterday I was thinking that there should be more free-form party-dancing competitions. Dance-offs, for money. Studio B would be a good venue for this.

The Daft Punk party starts at 10 and never stops. I think it might sell out, so buy your tickets online ahead of time–they’re $8 on this website–or you can just go there and pay $10 at the door. Also, in case this was at all misleading, only the fake Daft Punk will be there, not the real ones. But there will be prizes.