I, the Legend of Bagger Robot

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12/17/2007 11:30 AM |

I saw I Am Legend last night, and I’m still worried that I might throw up from anxiety. It was so stressful, and I was unprepared. And through the night I alternated among lying there, sweating, replaying scenes from the movie in my head, replaying embellished scenes from the movie in my head, and having nightmares inspired by the movie. In one of the nightmares a zombie comes up behind a sweet little spooky, decrepit mermaid (like this) and stabs it with a giant pair of shears, then plies the shears apart to sever the mermaid’s tail from her body. The movie was so scary. It was also good, although the end got a little out of hand. It did spark conversation, although it always returned to someone saying, “You guys, that movie was so scary,” and everyone else saying, “I know, that movie was SO scary.” And then our parents picked us up. Here’s the trailer:

Further commentary, plus a spoiler, after the jump.

Spoiler alert: The part when Fred moved? So scary!!