If I Can Make It There I Can’t Make It Anywhere Else Because It’s Imaginary and In That Case I Would Be Imaginary Also

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12/14/2007 10:00 AM |

Flux Factory’s “New York, New York, New York” is “a multimedia, scale-modeal of the city. [But i]nstead of being an exact replica to scale of the city of New York, this project offers a mental map, a replica of an imaginary New York.” Basically, Flux Factory, the Queens alternative art space, invited more than 100 artists and New Yorkers to “contribute a building, a landmark, a street, an avenue, a block, a park, a neighborhood, an expressway, a bridge, an island, an airport—one or several elements of the urban environment,” all of which will be assembled into a real-seeming, pretty fabulously made-up model New York.

Among the many participants is Lost in History columnist Matt Levy. Who, as it turns out, will be one of the people on hand for the interactive performances making up the program at the exhibition’s Opening Night. Which is tonight. At 7pm. The exhibition is on display through January. So get your Fanciful Urban Theorist hat on, and go.

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  • ok I have no idea what this is about(looks like SimCity), but if I could add one thing to NYC it would be a sea monster in the east river. Occasionally it would surface and people would all look on in wonder. Im talking about something Godzilla sized or bigger. the cthulhu maybe. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cthulhu

    also this brings me to mind if you go there there was always a homeless person there near the subway tracks, he makes art from garbage he has a sleeping bag and tent, once you make a right off N. Blvd and walk little way up that curved street like it says in the walking directions. I was always too nervouse to talk to this person because I thought he wasn’t stable, but maybe it would be a good interview for Jessica. I don’t know if this person is still there though because I haven’t walked by there in 2 or 3 months. But he used to be always there, for years already.

  • sorry, not the subway track, the LIRR tracks.