I’m A Little Worried Because Now That This Series Is Over What Will I Blog About?

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12/18/2007 10:00 AM |

BAM’s Max Ophuls series ends tonight with The Exile, an ironically appropriate title. After Ophuls fled his native Germany in 1933, he moved around Europe for a number of years, honing his style in a series of for-hire and cobbled-together productions in various countries. Then he came to Hollywood in the early 40s, a foray that became (though he lived there for a full decade) an even more acute state of limbo: it took him five years to land a directing assignment. (From 1936-1940, he had directed nine films) When he finally got a gig, it was The Exile — a Douglas Fairbanks Jr. swashbuckler about Charles II, living in exile before the Restoration of the English monarchy. The unlikely potboiler genre that marked sophisticate Ophuls’s restoration to the director’s chair is an interesting prospect: Ophuls loved his extended, fluidly tracking takes — think he knew how to stage a sword fight?

And your post-BAM food and drink recommendation: Hey, sometimes you just want to plop on a barstool, order a pint and a burger, and gaze absently at a flat-screen TV playing a college basketball game you don’t care about. Luckily, the relatively new Mullane’s is just a hop, skip, jump away. You can’t be hip all the time, but you can at least be classy about your middle-American cravings.

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  • hey, good morning people, so I was checking that ECNY awards thing and Edith’s video is nominated for best comedic short film of the year. Congratulations! Should we vote for it over and over?

    Btw- this website should have been nominated too. What the hell, way more infomative and funny then those other ones. I mean here is Klaus Kinski’s(BV Comedy guy) method- “let me just make a long list of comedy shows without saying anything funny.” Same with “Brooklyn Vegan”. They are not funny and they can’t write. Making lists of events is not writing. Also that guy has some nerve, I should start calling myself Herzog in that case.

    Ok just had to get that off my chest. Have a good day.

  • What a nice way to start the day. Thank you! And YES, please do vote for the video, then I will get a million dollars.