Jeffrey Eugenides and the Things He Likes

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12/12/2007 1:00 PM |

Even more short-story readings today, this one from (among others) Jeffrey Eugenides, the Pulitzer Prize-winning author of Middlesex, that excellent novel about a girl who realizes she’s actua–SPOILER ALERT.

Ok I’ll let you figure that one out, it’s a terrific book, I highly recommend it. That was back when I read books, now I just play Scrabulous online and look up real estate listings for a complicated fantasy game I play inside my head.

He’ll be reading at Symphony Space (at 95th and Broadway) at 7:30pm, along with other writers, and will be discussing the influence that the MacDowell Colony (a place where artists go to flap their wrists and convalesce) had on his life and writing career. Others will follow suit, like Susan Minot, the author of the wonderful Monkeys. The short fiction from the non-famous authors will, thankfully, be read by ac-tors. The evening is not free, it’s actually pretty expensive–$26 in advance, $30 day of. Whew!

Oh, this is familiar to you? Jump.

Edith: 4:09 PM i’m also listing a jeffrey eugenides event tomorrow
R U?

Mark: 4:10 PM i was thinking about it, yeah
the mcdowell thing

Edith: i just wrote it

Mark: ah, me too

Edith: aah
what time was yours for

Mark: 11?

Edith: mine is for 12. can we make a joke about doing the same ones?

Mark: yeah.
something about how we never talk to each other
except that, weirdly, we did talk about this one, i just neglected to ask if you were doing any other readings, beside the paley


Mark: yeah, it’s really quite amusing

Edith: why don’t you ever THINK

Mark: you see- tee hee- I thought, that – tee hee- she thought, etc

Edith: i quit

Mark: oh fyi i’m probably going to send out a staff email gently reminding everyone that i wrote the “for your co-worker” section of our recent Holiday Git Guide
* gift guide

Edith: haha

Mark: anyway
nothing but fun, here on’s YourBlogAboutWhatJeffEugenidesIsDoingTonight
ok, i think we’re done, i’m going to send out that staff email

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