Lord of the Food

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12/18/2007 11:00 AM |

Great event tonight of fine foods and carpet-cutting: it’s called, elegantly, SHUTDAFUKUP & EAT and is billed as a gourmet funk party of gluttony and intense dancing. First, chef Tony Ricco will feed you this menu:

Korean BBQ steamed buns
– Scallion, chili and lime

Sesame roasted mushroom salad
РCilantro cr̬me fraiche

Grilled pizza
– Guest inspired garnish

Greygoose rigatoni
– Prosciutto sundried tomatoes and basil

Cedar plank salmon
-Green tea and lemongrass, pickled beets

Mm, plank. Mmm, steam. Then Giove (DubSpot) and Modern Mongolian (DJ Stress) will be on the record players, spinning all varieties of funk music. It all costs only $20, and eats up as much as 7 hours of your day (9pm to 4am), fortunately. It goes down at Supreme Trading, on N 8th in Williamsburg. For tickets, email foodfunkparty@gmail.com –or you can buy a ticket at DubSpot in Manhattan on W 14th St, at the cashier in person.

That’s a picture of the Korean BBQ steamed buns.