Make It Faster

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12/05/2007 11:00 AM |

Most readings are boring, but Ritalin Readings aren’t. The readers are usually all funny, and it’s rapid. Each reader prepares a 4-minute-long story or some form of spoken word (lists, lies, whatever–not poetry) and is supposed to leave after those 4 minutes. They always go over by a few minutes, but no one freaks out, and the clip is still quick and then it’s over and you’ve had such fun. It’s hosted by the enchanting Gabe Delahaye and Lindsay Robertson, and it’s wrapped in swaddling production cloths by Jon Friedman, of the Rejection Show. This month’s readers are really terrific, for instance:

Patrick Borelli (great comedian)
Will Leitch (Deadspin writer)
Sean O’Connor (great comedian)
Lang Fisher (writes for The Onion and is pretttttty, good job Lang)
Elna Baker (also a pretty comedian!)

Plus Gabe and Lindsay and Jon will also be reading. You won’t get bored. It’s now at the Slipper Room, which is at Stanton and Ludlow, and it starts at 8 and costs $5. I’ll be there too, you should say hello, just not during the show or before it or after.

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