Oh, Cool

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12/11/2007 4:00 PM |

Here’s something that is neither here nor there. Tattoos might be bad for you, because as they fade, where does the ink go? Does it go into our lymph nodes? Why do some tattoos itch when they’re in the sun? Why are some kinds of ink worse than others? Well, there’s nothing you can do about it, if you already have them, except not get more tattoos, maybe. But they look so cool! I got one when I was 18, it’s already kind of blurry, you can barely tell Elmo’s eyes from his nose, or where his fingers are gripping the yin yang.

After the jump I have a picture of a beautiful tattoo scene.

It’s permanent makeup. No more pesky face-washing or dreary looking like an attractive human woman who is not a scary cartoon prostitute. Oopsie.

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  • Did you see how serious the commentators over there at NY Times blog are? Jesus, it’s not like someone actually reads those things, relax already. I think I will go over there and post something since it’s coffee time.