Oh, Movies, How I Hate You

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12/05/2007 10:00 AM |

Don’t you wish that everybody would just stop making movies for a couple years so you could finally catch up? I KNOW I DO. Don’t you also wish I would tell you about all the movies you might want to see tonight? OK, I WILL:

Film Comment’s Kent Jones has gotten to that point in his career where he’s written enough stuff to have a book out. That book is Physical Evidence: Selected Film Criticism, and it’s a showcase for a career dedicated to unearthing, in intelligent and readable prose, films’ and filmmakers’ thematic, technical and historical inner workings. He’ll be doing a Q&A at BAM tonight, following a screening of a film of his own selection: Sorcerer, William Friedkin’s much-maligned (unfairly, says Jones) remake of Clouzot’s Wages of Fear.

Scandinavia House
‘s survey of landmark Danish production house Nordisk Films is winding down; tonight and Saturday, they’re going back to the (almost) beginning with a double feature spotlighting the silent siren Asta Nielsen, the first Scandinavian movie star.

MoMA is screening a movie called Redskin, which, made in 1929, is quite the rare bird: a color silent film. (Two-strip Technicolor, to be precise.) It’s about “a young Navajo caught between two cultures,” and seems likely to be catnip for fans of awkwardly dated attempts at cultural sensitivity. (Of which there are so many.)

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  • Mark we are waiting for your book(s). J. Hoberman at Moving Image later this month. I believe it will be free/ You guys should be in the New York Film Critics Circle (if you aren’t already), you can pick movies and stuff. BTW- I really like those top 10 of the year lists that guy compiled on his website. And he wrote down every movie he saw this year. That is so awesome.