On the Assumption That You Have the Memory of a Goldfish…

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12/06/2007 11:30 AM |

… I’m going to remind you of what’s going on, moviewise, at the currently-ongoing series at Film Forum and Anthology and BAM

  • Film Forum’s Ousmane Sembène tribute continues with Black Girl, the first significant film made by an African director. It’s about a Senegalese girl who travels to Paris to work as a nanny, and ends up lost in translation; Sembène’s intimate interrogation of colonialism and assimilation has drawn stylistic comparisons to the exhilarated naturalism of the Nouvelle Vague — a rather more instance of the French shadow looming over Africa, one supposes.
  • Tonight, Anthology’s Jerzy Skolimowksi retro begins a weeklong revival of the Polish director’s second English-language feature, Deep End, in which a 15-year-old bathhouse attendant develops an obsession with a fellow employee, played by Jane Asher, the ex future Mrs. Paul McCartney.
  • And BAM’s Max Ophuls series begins a double-time waltz through the auteur’s career; today’s offering, La Signora di tutti, is an Italian melodrama concerning an actress’s rise to fame, and an early crystallization of the Ophuls style and substance.

I guess if I have bullet points I have to have something below them, right?

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  • Skolimoswki at Anth. I think it was a great success. I saw all of the films. I thought Moonlighting was def the weakest, although Jeremy Irons did a great job with the parts he spoke in Polish. Identification Marks:None (Rysopis) I found the best. The final 5 minutes of that movie I got the chills going down my spine. They should have also translated the song at the end when credits start. In any case, a staggering achievement for a debut movie. Can’t wait to see this one tonight.