One Ping Pong Please

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12/04/2007 11:00 AM |

When I was 8 I had a giant Hypercolor t-shirt that said “Co-Ed Naked Barge Jumping.” There was a picture of a barge on it, I guess, although I didn’t know what barges or co-ed meant. I don’t know where I got it or why it wasn’t taken away from me. I don’t know why more things weren’t taken away from me when I was younger. I was never not ratty, like how for years I wore an armful of ragged trash “friendship” bracelets I made myself until they gave me a rash. Gross. Get a job.

Anyway, there’s more nakedness tonight at Naked Ping Pong, in which nudity is only “a state of mind,” meaning that you can wear clothes, maybe even the ones you have on now, and it will be fine. It’s about meeting new friends and beating them.

You pay $20, $5 of which goes into the winner’s pool. Then you drink a drink, play some friendly rounds of table tennis. RSVP here to be told what to do.

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  • Co-ed Naked Bar Hopping: Have a Ball ‘Til Last Call

    Co-ed Naked Law Enforcement: Against the Wall and Spread ‘Em

    Co-ed Naked EMS: If There’s a Pulse, There’s a Chance

    Co-ed Naked Firefighting: Find ‘Em Hot… Leave ‘Em Wet

    Although I was always a “Big Johnson” man, myself.

  • I can see this being turned into a movie, your stories. Kind of like “Squid and the Whale”, but better.

  • did you watch the vid on that website? It’s fucking hilarious. You should enter the doubles tournament. You have to come up with a nick-name though.