One Time, at [Noun] Camp…

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12/06/2007 1:00 PM |

Amy Poehler hosts “Worst Laid Plans: True Stories of Terrible Sex” tonight at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater. Women will be telling tales of the gross things, the stupid things, the hilarious things. For instance:

Six unholy vagina monologues are imparted by the ladies who lived to
tell. From “The Clump” to “How I Slept My Way to the Lower Middle” to
“Farting Rapist,” this 30-minute epic will keep them erect in their
seats in audience to the most flaccid of encounters.

Haha. All those sexy words. It’s $5, and you could have gotten reservations online, but not anymore because those have sold out. What you can do instead is wait in line before it starts, which they encourage and have planned on. It starts at 8pm, so get there early and stand by. Since we’re on the theme, does anyone want to share their stories of bad ensexual? I’ll start us off, after the jump.

Just kidding, I’m not married yet.

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