Or Spend It Drinking With Live Girls and Putting Lobster in Your Mouth

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12/04/2007 12:45 PM |

Nineteen dollars and ninety-five cents buys you a 1 1/4-pound lobster dinner and live (undead) entertainment from burlesque dancers at Black Pearl seafood restaurant on Tuesdays like today. If, like me, you spend a few hours a week/day reading menus for restaurants you do not plan to visit, I recommend theirs. It’s a pretty grim, 1996-style website, and the menu doesn’t even have prices on it, but it’s really comprehensive and I’m so hungry. For instance, the Maine Clam Bake: Lobster, steamers & mussels–steamed to order, served w/ roasted corn on the cob, new potatoes, slaw & drawn butter. If you like lobster so much, why don’t you marry it? I would, but I would eat him.

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  • I do the menu thing. Also, sometimes when I get home I put on the food network and watch that instead of getting actual dinner. Because there is nothing to eat in the fridge.

  • My favorite way to get lobster is split tail grilled with butter. Had it once at the Rainbow Room, but I wasn’t paying for it.

  • frankly, i like the basic websites, as they’re easier to manage and they don’t waste my time with music and “artistic” crap.