Or You Could Just Stay Home and Knit. But That Could Be the Title of Pretty Much All My Posts.

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12/04/2007 10:00 AM |

Ok hey happy Tuesday, it’s my favorite day of the week, some weeks, like on the weeks when my birthday or some other holiday falls on a Tuesday, or when something really good happens to me, or the rest of the week turns out really shittily and I can say in retrospect that, well, Tuesday was my favorite day of that week.

So let’s celebrate by checking in on two of of those ongoing film series I told you about last week, Anthology‘s assessment of the Polish New Waver Jerzy Skolimowski, and Film Forum‘s tribute to the late forefather of African cinema, Ousmane Sembène.

Over at the former, they’re screening Skolimowski’s best-known film, Moonlighting, the director’s 1982 response to the previous year’s Solidarity protests in Poland; over at Film Forum, they’re screening Sembène’s Ceddo (pictured), a 19th-century epic about religious tension, which I’d sort of imagine maybe might have some contemporary parallels but what do I know really?

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  • Skolimowski retrospective has been a smashing success I think. Should we keep this a little secret? How many people read this blog, 10, 100? We are having so much fun between these trippy fantastic movies we never heard of before and the free beer.